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Welcome to Simple Hotkey Welcome to Simple Hotkey

I am now working on developing games for mobiles, check out my blog for progress there: My Game Development Journal


I'll soon have a PHP tutorial site with web scraping content off the web automatically, bulk emailing every email in a database, etc with PHP.



I enjoy problem solving and figuring out ways to do "things". Lots of times it comes from some discussion in a forum about cheaters in games, and I'll think of different ways I could do it (some action) with autohotkey, an incredible program I've grown to love.


Autohotkey is more far more robust than the scripting languages that come with gaming keyboards, which perform many of the same tasks. It can do just about anything a person can do, it has imagesearch and pixel detection functionality that works ridiculously fast and simply.

It's well suited for building bots, remapping keys, and creating keyboard shortcuts. It can even interface with databases.


My goal of this site is to introduce newbies to the power of autohotkey AHK scripts by sharing useful code I make, find, or piece together. Currently mostly related to gaming as that's where I was introduced to it. I'm often trying to explain to others what it's all about and figure I should just aggregate my thoughts here in the form of a growing FAQ.


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